Urban Poultry Farming-Key Partners

              The Initiative is supported  by high education academics from Agricultural scientific field, and experts  from the sectors of Business development,IoT and ICT, Sustainable agriculture, and Poultry husbandry.

                                                      Become a part of our Key partners ecosystem and gain:


  • -Awarness by participating to European Open calls starting from the crowdfunding campaign of the  KATANA accelerator, a project funded by the European Union.
    • -Contracting of structures, equipment,and livestock sector requrements during the implementation of the project.

                                                                     Key Partners


                  Nikolaos Tsakalos
Project founder-Administrator

Business development-Brokerage services

Phone:+30 6989869368

egg – enter•grow•go

Τhis is a Corporate Social Responsibility of Eurobank, which was designed and is being implemented in collaboration with the Corallia  and aims at creating an environment that fosters young entrepreneurship. The participating in egg programme business teams are hosting in a fully equipped building, enjoy support services, they have access in finance for  their  entrepreneurial operation and development  and  strengthening of their financial viability.

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Agro-Scientific team

The  Initiative is supported by a team of seven scientists/researchers from higher education institutions of Agricultural sciences.

View the scientific team members.



Intellectual Property protection        Dr.Alexandros Timotheos Kazanas

IP Attorney



Internet of Things (IoT) by Zoblak system

The Zoblak team uses the IoT driven by cutting edge technologies  and  provides to the urban customers a monitoring access to their poultries daily welfare breeding.

Web: www.zoblak.com

Contact person:Mr. Amir Smajevic



               BIOstalis Hydroponics Fodder

Construction and marketing of products and     pre-germination systems
-Links the project with a revolutionary innovative
Pre-germination system
 that  offers a sustainable natural  cultivated  poultry feed with high  nutritional value.       Web: www.biostalis.com
Contact person:Mr. Ioannis Chalkos


Farming Husbandry

                     Tafidis Eleftherios
        Wood trading and constructions
-Provides the wooden constructions and links the project with functionality with respect to the nature

Web : www.tafidisxylia.gr
Contact person: Mr.Tafidis Lefteris

            Poultry Husbandry support
 Outsourcing 2 persons team from Veterinary  and Poultry husbandry sectors.
 -Provides the proper functioning of the Poultry unit in order to be harmonized with  the EU regulations.